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Adoni Video can do a custom proposal for a HD Video Conference Solution for your Company.

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Adoni Video can do a Quality Studio Level HD Video for your Business to use on the Web, Cable or TV as well as for Corporate Video use.

Our video editors have Indy Film Credentials, unlike most video producers.

There are many variables involved in quoting a Rate for Video Production, so

We will be happy to give you our rates for the type of Job you need. Variables in Video Productions include

Type of Video Production (Short Commercial, Music Video or longer Corporate Video)
Type of source material used (Stock images and/or videos or custom shoots)
Type of use of Video (Web video, Corporate Video, Local TV/Cable, National or Global Useage)
Type of use license needed (six month, year or longer)

Adoni Video can do a STUDIO LEVEL VIDEO for your business, so

Adoni Video will be happy to provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for any Video Project

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